A Job Lost: What Happens When Couples Can’t Agree

Here’s a story about a job we did not get.

A woman called me from Miami, she told me her summer home was in a high rise in downtown Milwaukee. She had sold her condo and was moving into another condo in the same building. In about another month, she would be home and would love to have our services move for her. We could meet with her husband, as he was currently in Milwaukee working. I took notes on all of the services she requested and realized that she wanted us to move an entire unit, arrange the move of her furniture, clean the entire unit, and then take an elevator 3 floors down to clean and set up the new unit.

The first unit would provide a busy day for my crew. All the beds would be stripped, every item in the home would be packed, and all 3000 square feet of the unit would be deep cleaned. Next, all of the items would be taken to the new unit and unpacked. After meeting with the client’s husband, however, it was clear that he had some other ideas.

His attitude toward the move was to throw everything in boxes, cart it all downstairs, and lightly clean the new unit before it was all moved in. The first unit was a mess and to cart everything downstairs the way the husband desired would end up taking us quite a few trips, meaning a huge amount of time.

So what do you do when a husband and wife cannot agree on the services they want? The answer is they don’t hire anyone and do all the work themselves. A note to couples, if one of you works and the other manages the home, always defer to the judgment of the spouse that maintains the home when preparing for a move. Show them you value their time and the work they do by respecting their opinions and getting them the help they need in this very stressful time.

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