A Lesson in Leadership: Mistakes Do Happen

LifeMoves was recently hired for a straight forward job: A son wanted to surprise his mother with having her home deep cleaned.

On the day of the job, I met with the crew supervisor and the crew at the home to go over some of the job details. As I was leaving, I noticed the exterior of the front door needed a good cleaning, and mentioned that to the crew supervisor. Aside from that, it seemed pretty straightforward.

The next day, however, I was standing in the office and LifeMoves received an email from the client stating that LifeMoves had done an excellent job but he noticed that there was a window blind on the floor of the garage and that there were dead bugs on the window sill. I was mortified because this is not how LifeMoves leaves a home and this particular client has given us referrals!

Immediately, my crew supervisor said, “I take full responsibility for that.” She explained what had happened and then left to go back to the home and measure, shop for, and install a new blind, and of course, clean up the bugs from the window sill.

Everyone makes mistakes, but leaders take responsibility for their mistakes and for those under them.

Not only that, but she remedied the situation. In doing so, she learned a lesson and at the same time taught by example. Good job!

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