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Is Your Plate Too Full to Tackle Your Move?

Your career may take you on the road regularly. In fact, you may feel like you live out of boxes and suitcases more than your closet. Still, when you return to your place, you want it to feel like home! The last thing you need is another job to worry about.

At Peggy Ann's LifeMoves, we understand high-demand careers. We’ve worked closely with artists, entertainers, athletes, and politicians. When you’re in a high-profile job, your home is your sanctuary.


You need someone who respects your privacy

and knows how important your time and your family’s time really is.



Imagine moving into a new place, without ever touching a box or unpacking a single item! You open your closet and your clothes are ready and hanging. Your kitchen is set up, so you can host friends or simply enjoy your favorite meal. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of organizing, cleaning, unpacking and settling in. When you’re traveling, touring or on-the-road, we can manage the care of your space as well. Your haven will be just as you left it when you get back -- Peggy Ann's LifeMoves has it under control.


You’re in demand!

Let Peggy Ann's LifeMoves handle your move and home, so you can focus on what you do best.


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Relocation Services

  • Cleaning your new home thoroughly both before and after we unpack your belongings.
  • Setting up your kitchen, including unpacking, washing, drying and putting away all dishes, glassware and cookware.
  • Arranging furniture and hanging artwork in your new home.
  • Placing home accessories in your new home.
  • Placing clothing in closets and dressers.
  • Making beds in your new home with freshly laundered sheets and steamed bedding.
  • Hooking up the television and stereo systems in your new home.
  • Suggesting and referring you and your family to local business and services to help you navigate your new town.
  • Breaking down and removing of moving boxes, packing paper and other supplies.

Home Management Services

  • Checking for possible damage after storm or severe weather.
  • Running faucets and flushing toilets regularly to ensure the plumbing is working well (and pipes don’t freeze).
  • Checking for and collecting mail and packages.
  • Ensuring rodents, squirrels, bugs and other pests stay OUT of your home while you're away.
  • Overseeing special repairs and cleaning projects, including coordinating with service providers like carpet cleaners, cable installation, etc.
  • Deep cleaning and organizing any space in your home like the kitchen or closets.
  • Watering Plants.
  • Stocking your fridge, pantry and bathroom supplies so your home is all set up when you return.

When you’re always on the go, you don’t have time to unpack and organize.

Your home base is where you relax. Peggy Ann's LifeMoveswill help you settle in and keep it that way!


All of Peggy Ann's LifeMoves team members are thoroughly background checked.