Attention to Detail Results in A Quick Sale Thanks to LifeMoves


I had the pleasure of working with a client whose home needed to be cleaned and organized but needed much more work than anticipated. On arrival for the estimate, I saw that we would need to have the carpet professionally cleaned. The carpet cleaner, however, informed us that this carpet just could not be cleaned. With an open house just 4 days away, I knew LifeMoves would have to work quickly. I sent out a crew member to find carpet samples, and that same day we had the carpeting company out for an evaluation and a quote. We also organized and cleaned all of the cabinets, closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms in the home that day.

We took the weekend off, but when we returned on Monday, all my crew had to finish up was a light cleaning and some staging. One of the crew members (my daughter) even cleaned the front door and siding around it because the front door is the first impression!

The home sold the following day thanks to LifeMoves’ attention to detail!

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