What is the Product of LifeMoves?

LifeMoves as a product comes down to superior, caring service. LifeMoves just happens to perform that service in the form of move management.

How is move management a service? We believe it’s sincere, caring, management that allows for a stress-free move. When you are recommending or using LifeMoves, you are really working with a caregiver who can help one individual or an entire family. If you are the family doctor, you have cared for a family year after year and through all kinds of life changes.


Peggy’s Own Personal Move: I Am My Own Client

I have been asked more than one time, “how do you know so much about moving?” There are a couple of different answers to that question. If my memory serves me correctly, I have lived in about 20 different homes since childhood. That alone does not qualify me.

I’m a visual learner and also enjoy the challenge of problem solving on my feet. I compare a move to a puzzle box; when you empty out all of the pieces and then assemble your puzzle. My last move was one of those 5000 piece puzzles that literally took years to put together. Within those years I solved the puzzle and learned many life lessons.


The Bigger Picture Makes a Difference

One person can make a difference by being loyal to a decision you have promised to another person or the quality of the service you perform.

Yesterday, I saw a man sweeping the curb and street in front of his tiny shop. He is making a difference in his world. Just think about the entire block, if everyone followed his lead.


An Example of Going Beyond The Expected

Here is a great story and I was happy to be part of it. Things pop into my head quickly and then out of my mouth as quickly. LifeMoves was hired by a man whose mother had passed away. We had walked through the entire home and knew what we had to accomplish.

The last part of our work would be in the basement, which was really in pretty good order. Our client instructed us to haul away some items or give them to whomever might need them. I spotted an antique baby crib. Wow! This is really cool. I then said this is perfect for repurposing. His remark was, “it’s just an old crib that had been used by various family members.” This is when I started thinking out loud.

LifeMoves: Helping Clients Move to the Next Chapter

We had an estimate scheduled with a client on a Saturday. She could only do Saturdays because she works long hours as a therapist during the week. She is moving out of her home of 20 years and moving into a condo. From our initial conversation I could tell she was very stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work she needed to do to get her home ready for sale. An hour before her estimate she called me and asked if I could work for a few hours that day as she really wanted to get her garage cleaned out. We talked about pricing for some time, and now it was getting closer to the time she wanted us to start working. I told her I, personally, could be available to work for her and I called my crew supervisor, Liz, and asked if she could be available. Liz moved her schedule around too and we both arrived at 2pm at the home.

Moving and Dealing with a Hoarding Situation

Before I even begin this story, I’d like to say, I do not like the word “hoarder.” To me this sounds very harsh. I believe that this is a very difficult and painful situation for this type of client to be in. We take extra care and try not to overwhelm them any more than they already are. Sometimes it’s just one person working with a client with this condition and LifeMoves first concern is the comfort and trust of this client.


Concierge Moving Service that Wows the Big League Pros

Everyone can use some help with moving.

An athlete was traded to a Milwaukee team. He came here and was expected to start practicing and playing immediately. One of our vendors mentioned LifeMoves to this young man. I was called on Saturday and by Monday morning, LifeMoves crew was cleaning and unpacking his new home. LifeMoves did not stop there.


Why We Love Working with Mr. Mover

We were having a busy morning on the first day of the largest move of 2017. Mr. Mover and LifeMoves work as a team, and what affects them, affects LifeMoves. We help each other as much as possible.

There are many good moving companies out there, but this company has the same philosophy as LifeMoves. Every move changes a family. We were lucky to work with them.

Why I Recommend Using a Storage Pod for Moving

I’ll try to keep this story short. If you know me, you know I can get to talking.

I am at my eye doctor’s office getting fitted for new glasses. I’m speaking with the technician that’s fitting my glasses. She told me about living in her parent’s basement while waiting for their dream home to be finished being built.

I then got to talking to her about LifeMoves. This was still during our training period and we had yet to unpack a pod. When she mentioned a pod, I jumped all over that. I offered to unpack her pod and put her home together. I’m not sure who was more ecstatic, her or me? She accepted our help and we agreed upon two dates; one for the deep cleaning and one for the moving.

A Lesson in Leadership: Mistakes Do Happen

LifeMoves was recently hired for a straight forward job: A son wanted to surprise his mother with having her home deep cleaned.

On the day of the job, I met with the crew supervisor and the crew at the home to go over some of the job details. As I was leaving, I noticed the exterior of the front door needed a good cleaning, and mentioned that to the crew supervisor.

Aside from that, it seemed pretty straightforward.

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