The Highlight of the Project Pitch It Launch Party

I was flying to Naples, Florida in October. I was seated next to a young man. Normally, I try and get some work done on a plane but this young man, Justin, wanted to talk. I tried a couple of times to bury myself in my work. He was just such a polite young man, so I gave up and started a real conversation.

What’s in A Name? Why I’m “Peggy Ann”

The most frequently asked question is what’s your last name? I tell people Ann and then they ask me, “how do you spell that?” After 10 years of these kinds of questions, I realize that is their way of asking me again what my last name is!

Here’s the story of my last name.


The Importance of Order: It’s a Time Saver!

Have you ever tried to place a rug in a room where the furniture is already placed perfectly? If you have, you know the agony that goes along with it. Now imagine doing it throughout an entire home!

I had the pleasure of working with clients that were downsizing to a condo and LifeMoves got involved late in the game, so many tasks were not done in a logical order.


Attention to Detail Results in a Quick Sale Thanks to LifeMoves

I had the pleasure of working with a client whose home needed to be cleaned and organized but needed much more work than anticipated. On arrival for the estimate, I saw that we would need to have the carpet professionally cleaned. The carpet cleaner, however, informed us that this carpet just could not be cleaned. With an open house just 4 days away, I knew LifeMoves would have to work quickly.


We Always Practice Patience & Outstanding Customer Service

Sometimes a client can be frustrating to work with; however, it is important to never let them know that! On one particular job, I had a client that gave us very specific instruction on where items were to be placed, but she seemed to have no memory of that when she asked why we placed items the way we did. LifeMoves aims to have 100% customer satisfaction, so if a client wants us to move items 50 times, we’re happy to comply!


The Picture-Perfect Weekend Move

I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly professional family who allowed us to shoot the LifeMoves promo video in their home during their actual move. This family was organized and had already right-sized their home so the move would be as smooth as possible. My crew had 3 days over a weekend to complete this transition, and I’m proud to say that they did a fantastic job and made a great video in the process.

How to Move a Client You’ve Never Met: Satisfaction First!

LifeMoves had the opportunity to work for a client that we never actually met throughout the entire process.

It was a straightforward clean, pack, and ship. Everything went incredibly smoothly and I was so proud of my crew for getting everything exactly where it needed to be. With 2 storage pods moving to different states and no in-person help from a client, this could have gone so much worse.

Do What You Can to Help a Friend in Need

We don’t always get to help a friend and make a difference, so I jumped at the chance when LifeMoves could help one of my dearest friends.

Last month, a friend of mine had to make the very difficult decision to move in order to help her husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She happened to mention to a realtor that she was thinking of selling her home, and this realtor told her that her home was EXACTLY what one of his clients was looking for.

My friend had 3 days to make her home ready to be shown and no real plan on how to do it.

From Hot Mess to Home: A Fresh Start for a Single Man

Jobs for single men can be exciting but usually, present a challenge. They start off with measuring art and turn into an entire clean, reorganization, and move. For this particular client, we had no idea the amount of work this would mean.

We had no idea at the start of this job that we would be moving 5000 square feet into 1500. It was like fitting a size 10 foot into a size 5 shoe; it would just never fit!

The Little Tea Cup: A Priceless Memory

The smallest things can make a difference

Moving is stressful for everyone, but especially on the senior population.

LifeMoves was hired to help a couple in their 80’s purge their home, pack up, and deliver items to their children or goodwill. Normally, the wife would make the decisions for moving in this home; however, she had been hospitalized after the move was already planned.

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