Concierge Moving Service that Wows the Big League Pros


Everyone can use some help with moving.

An athlete was traded to a Milwaukee team. He came here and was expected to start practicing and playing immediately. One of our vendors mentioned LifeMoves to this young man. I was called on Saturday and by Monday morning, LifeMoves crew was cleaning and unpacking his new home. LifeMoves did not stop there.

I very quickly got an education on what it takes to be a professional athlete: practice, a professional trainer, special diets, coaching, more practice, late night meetings after games, with little time to rest and enjoying life while in season.

I asked him if I could be of help in other areas. His response was; regular cleaning, a landscaper, a cook and a personal assistant. I then set up a meeting for him and myself to interview for these positions. All of the interviews took place in my own home confidentially. LifeMoves will only hire and work with insured and bonded contractors that pass background checks.

He needed to have lunch while interviewing took place (some athletes need to refuel their bodies every few hours and at the same time of day, trying to maintain their weight, endurance, and strength). We finished with our interviews and he got up from the table and asked, “where can I toss my leftovers and rinse my plate?” How lucky was I to meet such a nice young man and that’s exactly what I said when I met his mother.

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