Do What You Can to Help a Friend in Need

We don’t always get to help a friend and make a difference, so I jumped at the chance when LifeMoves could help one of my dearest friends. Last month, a friend of mine had to make the very difficult decision to move in order to help her husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She happened to mention to a realtor that she was thinking of selling her home, and this realtor told her that her home was EXACTLY what one of his clients was looking for.

My friend had 3 days to make her home ready to be shown and no real plan on how to do it. I told her I would scrape together as much of my crew as possible to work on her home the following day. I was able to pop in throughout the day to check the progress, and it happened that my daughter was working on the crew that day. When I asked my friend if they had met, she told me that she walked in on my daughter scrubbing the bathroom floors on her hands and knees. I was so proud that someone had caught her working the same way I did!

As I left the house, I hugged my friend and thanked her for allowing me to be there for her in her time of need. I then laughed and said, “Don’t worry you will get your chance to do the same!”

The Real Challenge After the Move

Next month came and I got help with the painting of the home and the move. This became a difficult and time-consuming job. We spent 8 days on her new home and still could not complete the job.

We had a blizzard day and only myself and a couple of others could make it to the job. By far the most difficult thing was my friend, the client. She did not edit her old home. Many things were moved that should have been gotten rid of and she had purchased new items. This meant old furniture was moved in only to be replaced with the new furniture. Clothing and old bedding had been packed, unpacked, and now with re-packed to donate because there was no space. All of this also slowed the painter down from finishing his work. Many, many boxes had to be stored in the basement and there was very little space to move because of the greatly reduced home size. What should have taken a day or two at the most took 8 days and was still not finished.

This was a lesson in purging before a move. The move took 4 times as long as it should have and my crew was taken away from other jobs. I really learned the meaning of the phrase, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Someone will always be able to use the items you donate, so get rid of those pieces you’re hanging on to for no reason. Old clothing, exercise equipment that never gets used, old towels, just toss it!

I’m sorry to say, my friend is still not really settled into her home. As her friend, I keep quiet about this and hope her and her husband are doing well.

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