Expect the Unexpected When Moving!

As I think back to recent LifeMoves stories, one in particular comes to mind.

One of our clients was a Chicago family who purchased a home in a wealthy, Milwaukee suburb and chose to remodel and add an addition at the same time. At the time, the wife was in her last month of pregnancy. This particular job was a free move in. I personally checked on the progress of their home for two weeks in a row. I would call the client and report back on the status of the projects being done and also call their agent to update him as well. Eventually, the remodel work was completed. As soon as the inspections were passed and they were ready to move in, LifeMoves got to work.

We started on a Friday morning at 8 a.m. and were determined to do our best to put all 5,000 square feet of their home together in one day. Not only did we have a full crew, but the entire family, (mom, dad, and toddler) were there too and also wanted to help. With our crew, the moving crew and the family, that was quite a house-full!

By the afternoon, while we were all busy working, the mom suddenly went into labor! This turned into my first and only argument with the mover. The family had to get to the hospital and we had to quickly find the car seat! We found the box marked “car seat” in the middle of the living room floor, I asked the mover to please open it to get the items as I helped the family get ready. He said they couldn’t open the boxes and also that once the box was opened up, they would no longer move the box to another part of the house, (they only get paid to move stuff once, not twice).

I understood his point, time equals money, I get that. I just couldn’t understand the lack of compassion for the situation. I grabbed my own box knife and got to work opening the huge wardrobe box on my own. I found the car seat at the bottom and it was filled with unrelated items. That reminded me of how important the packing process is.

So, what did we learn?

So many lessons were learned on this job! (P.S. this particular moving company was from out of state. LifeMoves’ preferred moving companies, Mr. Movers and Coakley Brothers, and several other moving companies that we have used, would have handled the situation in a much better way!)

The first lesson was this: expect the unexpected during every move! Also, have a person there who can make quick decisions!

Secondly, but most importantly; be KIND to everyone you work with and for.

Finally, I learned how much time is wasted by packing a box with unrelated objects inside. Organizing your items and working with your mover to do this before you move will create a more efficient process on your moving day.

I’m proud to say that LifeMoves works with a great Milwaukee moving company, Mr. Movers. We make a really great team and work well together to save you precious time, money and most of all, stress! Any business that provides excellent customer service knows that the customer is always right! I am fortunate that the company that I used to work for and eventually owned, prided itself on this concept. We had a lifetime warranty on our tools, no questions asked.

Now, even though I am blonde, I am not stupid. I know that when someone returned a level that was cut in half, that meant it wasn’t a defective tool; more like a defective person. But an excellent product is backed by excellent service and that is what we provided. That’s what I strive for at LifeMoves. We have an excellent service product and I aim for superior service. That is the first thing I tell my LifeMoves crew and to all of my clients.

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