Finding the Light in the Darkest of Times

Not all stories are happy but can still be rewarding.

LifeMoves received a call from a real estate agent regarding a home that had not yet been listed but had 3 potential buyers already. It was a recently remodeled home of a widower and we had 1 week to prepare it for the potential buyers. We’ve done many moves like this one; however, there was a heartbreaking twist here. The client’s wife died when her husband was unable to prevent her from choking to death during lunch one day. Coming into any home is stressful under normal circumstances, but this was beyond what I could ever imagine.

After meeting with the client on a Saturday, we agreed to start work on the upcoming Monday. The home was incredibly large and, as with all moves, memories were found throughout the process. These memories brought joy but also incredible pain for the client. As we staged the home and packed what was requested, I was able to listen, laugh, and cry with the client about all that we found.

This home was picture perfect on the outside, but once the cabinets and closets were opened, it revealed a complicated mess. Everything was stored wherever the client had room. Shoes in the linen closet, hand tools in with the china, art and air mattresses stored in the same cabinet… it was chaos.

Within a week, my crew had the entire home organized, cleaned, and ready for the estate sale, holding back items that would have little value to customers but were priceless to this client. Trinkets purchased on the honeymoon and the wife’s favorite pieces of clothing were set aside and packed so that the client could go over them in the privacy of his new home and open the boxes in his own time.

This home sold almost immediately, and for more than the asking price. I felt fortunate to be a part of this difficult ending and witness the new beginning.

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