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Major changes like divorce, break-ups and the death of a spouse or partner cause unwanted disturbances in our lives. In the midst of life’s more painful transitions, it’s hard to find the energy for organizing, packing boxes, coordinating movers and setting up a new space. That’s why Peggy Ann's LifeMoves is here to coordinate of every part of this challenging moving experience, so you can focus on creating a fresh start.


Decrease the stress, confusion and emotional upheaval of your transition.
Let Peggy Ann's LifeMoves help you through these difficult times.


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When you hire Peggy Ann's LifeMoves as your concierge moving service you are not alone in bearing the burden of your move. With our comprehensive move management services, we handle all the details. Or, use our Right-Sizing Service to simplify your life before, during and after your transition.

We pride ourselves on making our services fit you, your lifestyle and your transition and not the other way around. If you think Peggy Ann's LifeMoves may be able to ease the stress of your transition don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation.

Here’s a list of just some of the move management services Peggy Ann's LifeMoves can provide during your time of transition...

Pre-move services:

     Help determine your moving timetable.

     Schedule and interface with your movers.

     Sort and organize closets, kitchen/bathroom cabinets, garages, basements, storage units.

     Help you decide what furniture works best in your new home.

     Create a floor plan for your new home including art placement.

     Coordinate any storage units for furniture, artwork and household goods.

     Measure and photograph art for move or storage.

     Work with family members in disbursing furniture, family treasures, etc.

     Pack your items for storage or donation in well-labeled boxes.

     Arrange estate sales.

     Arrange donation pick-ups. 

Post-move services:

     Clean your new home thoroughly both before and after we unpack your belongings.

     Set up your kitchen, including unpacking, washing, drying and putting away all dishes, glassware and cookware.

     Arrange furniture and hang art in your new home.

     Place home accessories in your new home.

     Hang clothing in closets and arrange dressers in your new home.

     Make beds in your new home with freshly laundered sheets and steamed bedding.

     TV and stereo hook up in your new home.

     Breakdown and removal of moving boxes, packing paper and other supplies.

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All team members are thoroughly background checked.

All of Peggy Ann's LifeMoves team members are thoroughly background checked.