Always Growing, But Never Sacrificing Quality

The start of quality with the birth of another company.

As you may or may not know, this is the second business I have owned.

I started out as a worker in a manufacturing company and worked my way up, purchasing the company and running it with my former husband. This company produced and sold hand tools and their component parts worldwide.

The company’s 1st generation made furniture by hand; this grew into hand-making the tools in order to produce the furniture at a higher quality.

The 2nd generation moved into producing superior hand tools that were privately branded for Sears. And tools that the customer found defective could be returned for a replacement, a policy that is still in effect today with no questions asked. This demonstrates the continued focus on quality.

The 3rd generation discovered that, for continued company survival, diversification in product with no sacrifice in quality was key.

The 4th generation continued this line of thinking and made the tools available to different companies for purchase. This expanded to worldwide success because of the high quality of the product.

The 5th generation took the work of all the previous generations and expanded it further, selling around the world but also partnering with international companies to sell their products in America. The one thing that never changed from beginning to end was the high quality of the product and the owners always giving back to the community

What does all of this have to do with LifeMoves?

LifeMoves saw a need for a service in our community. Superior service is the backbone of the company.

While expanding the number of services LifeMoves provide, we never sacrifice the superior quality of the work we do. LifeMoves will continue to expand the number of services provided to clients; however, we must maintain our superior quality in order to stay above the competition.

LifeMoves will continue to give back to the community, just as the hand tool manufacturing company did for 5 generations.

I came into that manufacturing company at the 3rd generation level and remained until we sold at the 5th generation. Quality was always a must and I plan on continuing superior service quality throughout LifeMoves’ expansion.

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