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We had an estimate scheduled with a client on a Saturday. She could only do Saturdays because she works long hours as a therapist during the week. She is moving out of her home of 20 years and moving into a condo. From our initial conversation I could tell she was very stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work she needed to do to get her home ready for sale. An hour before her estimate she called me and asked if I could work for a few hours that day as she really wanted to get her garage cleaned out. We talked about pricing for some time, and now it was getting closer to the time she wanted us to start working. I told her I, personally, could be available to work for her and I called my crew supervisor, Liz, and asked if she could be available. Liz moved her schedule around too and we both arrived at 2pm at the home.

Mary was waiting by the door and was anxious to get going. She opened the garage and we could smell mold. The roof of the garage was rotting out and most everything in the garage had been stored in cardboard boxes which were now collapsing. Mary wanted to sort through the items to determine what she was keeping, what we were hauling to Goodwill, and what we were going to drag to the curb for special garbage pick-up.

Mary has a bad back, so Liz and I would drag boxes out of the garage for Mary to look through. She was very decisive and most everything was put into either the discard or Goodwill piles. We soon learned that Mary's son had been diagnosed with Leukemia the year before and, due to his compromised immune system, could not be around any mold. So many items she may have wanted to hold on to, she couldn't.

We filled my pathfinder to the brim and I made 2 trips to Goodwill. Liz and I carried 2 dressers, an old mirror, medical equipment, rotted wood, an old grill, and various other items to the curb for special pick-up. Liz need to report to her other job and had to leave, but Mary's job was not done, so I offered to stay, free of charge, until we had the garage cleaned out. I knew she had no one to help her and would feel so much better to get that one area completed today.

We wrapped up almost an hour later and went inside for some water. Mary told me more about her son and the devastating journey they had been on the past year and we looked through some photos. Thankfully her son is doing well now and on the road to recovery! And LifeMoves will be back to keep working on the inside of the house so Mary can move on to the next chapter in her life.

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