Home Organizing: The Gift She Really Wants This Christmas

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We’ve all leafed through books and articles promising the perfect, stress-free life, if only we could simplify and organize our space. 

We’ve worked to cultivate, curate and acquire our dream house. But getting it to the picture-perfect clutter-free dream home we see photographed in our favorite decorating magazines is no small feat!  

You see, acquiring “the look” isn’t the problem--that’s simply a matter of selecting the right furniture, artwork and decor. The problem is, “life” gets in the way...and sometimes life gets overwhelming! Facing a home full of memories, it’s hard to know what, when and how to let it go. 

Organizing requires time, the motivation and yes, emotional strength! It’s not a job to attempt alone. 

I often tell people whether they’re considering a move, even in the distant future or simply trying to get a handle on their space, organizing and, as we like to call it, “editing” has a huge impact!  

Peggy Ann's LifeMoves offers many simple organizing and editing services, in addition to our many life-simplifying services. While we specialize in stress-free transitions, organization is the first step and Peggy Ann's LifeMoves is a team of professional organizers. 

A professional organizer works with you to edit your belongings, pare down and create a space of calm and peace. We help you take back control over your home and your life. More than taking charge of the process, Peggy Ann's LifeMoves professionals provide stability and emotional sensitivity to guide you through the process of decluttering. 

Our editing and organizing professionals are as hands-on or as hands-off as you’d like, digging in with you as you sort through your things or simply supporting you by keeping you on task while you work within our proven framework for decluttering.  Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting rid of your discarded belongings, because Peggy Ann's LifeMoves will consult with you to decide the best options for reselling, donating or simply throwing away. We hold your hand through the process from beginning to end. 


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Why Hire Peggy Ann's LifeMoves Organizing Services?

Many people think of Peggy Ann's LifeMoves when they're ready for a big move, but we also do plenty of small-scale organizing, retouching, editing and refreshing. We offer an array of services for a variety of situations, such as:

  • You and your family are preparing for a move (even in the distant future) and you know there are items in your house you haven’t used in years. Houses sell faster and realtors LOVE us because we know how to get your house to look its best so it’s ready to fetch the best price possible!
  • You and your spouse are “downsizing” or “rightsizing” by moving from your family home into a condo, apartment or smaller house. You’re looking forward to the freedom of this new lifestyle without the burden of taking care of your larger home. Unburden yourselves even further by getting rid of all the “stuff” you don’t use - some of which won’t fit into your new space anyway!
  • You or your spouse inherited possessions from a parent or other loved one who has passed away, and the idea of sorting through all of their belongings feels like an emotional burden too heavy to bear. Let us help take the strain away!
  • You’re going through a major life change like divorce, a job transition, retiring from work or kids leaving for college. Change is in the air and you’re ready to take it one step further. Create more space in your life for new exciting adventures to come by getting rid of the old!
  • You want to get yourself or your spouse the perfect gift but after so many years together you’re running out of unique ideas! Consider the gift of a personal organizer to help them create the clutter-free home they dream of.
  • You have a room (or two) that needs a Refresh. The kitchen is often the perfect opportunity. LifeMoves will sort through your kitchen utensils, toss out your expired canned goods and, if you so desire, they can even help identify the perfect kitchen workflow to prepare and cook all of those delicious meals much more easily. Perhaps best of all each Refreshed room gets a deep clean as part of the experience!

Don’t Let Clutter Take Over


Once I knew a busy, professional woman who had a beautiful home, but she also had an entire room full of items she never used. The room was filled to the top with filing cabinets, an old desktop computer full of electronic files and decades worth of memorabilia. Rather than dealing with sorting her unused belongings she simply kept the door closed and pretended like it didn’t even exist.

You might not hide a whole room, but chances are you’ve got a few items stashed away in drawers, cupboards and closets you haven’t put to good use in years. These items are forgotten. They create clutter that buries and hides the items we find truly useful–our possessions we love and carefully select. Clutter quickly becomes overwhelming and no matter the reason for decluttering the difficult part isn’t necessarily identifying what might need to go. The challenge often the parting itself, especially if you are in the midst of a life-transition.

Whether you’ve been living in the same house for a few decades or a few years, chances are you’ve acquired things you love, things you use, and things that yes, you’ve forgotten. Yet, when we start to sort through and pare down, these unused items can have sentimental value. It’s tough to know what to keep, what is worth packing up to send off to your grown children and what to remove.

If your nest is recently empty, you might face boxes of clothing your kids used to wear, stacks of your children’s old artwork or several years worth of pee wee sports medals. If you’re recently married, maybe you are still holding on to wedding gifts you’ve never gotten around to using or the outfits from your single years, you’re hoping will come back in style. 

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with the painful loss of a loved one whose own cherished belongings are now in your possession. But where to start with the overwhelming activity of sorting family heirlooms and well-worn clothing when you’ve recently gotten through the worst of the grieving process? 


What about memorabilia like photos and Christmas cards? These items are meaningful of course, but is each event and experience important enough to take up physical space in your life 10, 20 or 30 years later? Perhaps yes, but you can part with a selection of miscellaneous vacation out-takes and old pieces of correspondence - or at least choose a few to digitize so they can take up less space and you can thoroughly enjoy the memories.

After you’ve filled boxes and bags with your discarded items, you also need to figure out what to do with them. Ebay? Goodwill? Straight to the dumpster? Some possessions are easy to discard but for others the parting is painful.

It’s difficult to take the final step, but after going through all the work necessary to figure out what to keep and what to part with, you don’t want your discarded items sitting in the attic, the basement or the garage collecting dust and causing more clutter.

That’s why it’s important to rely on one of Peggy Ann's LifeMoves Organizing Professionals to help ease the process of discarding your sentimental belongings by being there in person to walk you through the step-by-step process. Your organizing professional will act as a friendly guide, enabling you to see the possibilities that open up when you take the time to create more space in your own life.

Let Peggy Ann's LifeMoves Professional Editing Service and Professional Organizers take your home and your life from chaotic and cluttered to clean and care-free.


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