From Hot Mess to Home: A Fresh Start for a Single Man

Jobs for single men can be exciting, but usually present a challenge. They start off with measuring art and turn into an entire clean, reorganization, and move. For this particular client, we had no idea the amount of work this would mean.

We had no idea at the start of this job that we would be moving 5000 square feet into 1500. It was like fitting a size 10 foot into a size 5 shoe; it would just never fit! There were so many belongings to be fit in the much reduced space that the client became overwhelmed and exhausted. With only one small elevator that was shared with deliverymen and neighbors, the client felt it was best to leave it all up to LifeMoves.

After a few hours with my crew, we were able to turn a disaster into a home. The entire kitchen was cleaned and set up, as well as the master bed and bath. The home was livable, but not quite finished. Fortunately for this client, my crew was willing to work on a Saturday to satisfy his request that we work an additional day to finish setting up the home. We finished the office, hung the art, and made the space comfortable for him to move around in.

There were still many personal decisions to be made about what to get rid of, but LifeMoves took a mess and made it a home. My crew is great at thinking on their feet and finishing a job no matter the situation.

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