How to Move a Client You’ve Never Met: Satisfaction First!

Peggy Ann's LifeMoves had the opportunity to work for a client that we never actually met throughout the entire process. It was a straightforward clean, pack, and ship. Everything went incredibly smoothly and I was so proud of my crew for getting everything exactly where it needed to be. With 2 storage pods moving to different states and no in-person help from a client, this could have gone so much worse.

The only hang up was a small vase was broken when shipped through FedEx. I knew that the client would be reimbursed for the cost of the vase, but for a move that went so perfectly was there a way that I could fix this one thing?

When I thought about it, I realized that this client hired Peggy Ann's LifeMoves because she values her time. I decided to reimburse her for the time that she would spend replacing this vase. Peggy Ann's LifeMoves puts customer satisfaction above all else, so this was a gift I was happy to provide.

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