An Example of Going Beyond The Expected


LifeMoves always strives to go above and beyond the service that is expected.

Here is a great story and I was happy to be part of it. Things pop into my head quickly and then out of my mouth just as quickly. LifeMoves was hired by a man whose mother had passed away. We had walked through the entire home and knew what we had to accomplish. The last part of our work would be in the basement, which was really in pretty good order. Our client instructed us to haul away some items or give them to whomever might need them. I spotted an antique baby crib. Wow! This is really cool. I then said this is perfect for repurposing. His remark was, “it's just an old crib that had been used by various family members.” This is when I started thinking out loud. I proceeded to tell him how I was going to take the crib and make it into a love seat; it was going to become a unique piece of art.

I would trim down the crib from the bottom and make it proper seating height. I would reinforce the seating area with a board. Next, would come fabric for a cushion to cover the bottom of the crib and one pillow for a pop of color. The crib would be repainted and I thought it should be black with a bit of shine. The head and footboard of the crib had these round balls about the size of a tennis ball. The balls would also be painted but would be a silver-white and one or two balls on each end would have zigzags or polka dots, or maybe stripes.

Apparently, I painted a really good picture of my new design. He immediately changed his mind and asked if I would do the project for him and he would pass it onto his niece who was about to have a baby. I did exactly as I said I would, as if designing it for myself. The crib came out beautifully. We never discussed any payment for my time, only covering the costs of the painter, carpenter, fabric and finally the upholstering.

This beautiful piece is now a reading nook and is being used by a fourth generation.

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