Moving and Dealing with a Hoarding Situation

Before I even begin this story, I’d like to say, I do not like the word “hoarder.” To me this sounds very harsh. I believe that this is a very difficult and painful situation for this type of client to be in. We take extra care and try not to overwhelm them any more than they already are. Sometimes it’s just one person working with a client with this condition and LifeMoves first concern is the comfort and trust of this client.

LifeMoves was called by an agent that was unable to list a home until it was entirely sorted, cleaned, and some things were removed. I was at the first and second estimate. This was an entire home and the couple had a budget of $750.00. My thoughts were that maybe we could get the family to pitch in.

This home was extremely disorderly. The couple had not been in their basement in over twenty years. Instead, they stood at the top of the stairs and threw items down the stairs. Every bedroom was full and made it impossible to walk into the room or even see the bed.

The kitchen counters were so full that you could not even see what type of counter they had. The garage was so full that no cars were parked inside of the garage. They had tried to remedy the situation by getting a pod. Now, the pod was also completely filled in their driveway.

LifeMoves suggested they get possibly two dumpsters. First, we would help sort through the garage with them and free the garage up. Next, we would clean out the basement and stage items in the garage to sort through. Then, room by room, we could stage in the garage and toss or give away what was needed to empty their home. The intent was to get the move down to just their bedroom set.

The couple lived about 50 miles from the LifeMoves office and we had now been there twice just to talk about a plan. Each time, I personally called their real estate agent. Sadly, in the end, they decided to have a rummage sale. There is an awful lot of work connected to having a rummage sale, but they had a sister who enjoyed rummage sales. Rummage sales seem to be a great past time to some people but considering all of the work and time this would take, I personally did not think this was the best answer.

LifeMoves did not hear from them again. Their real estate agent did call us a few weeks later and they still had not informed her of their plans. I could see life was difficult for them and I truly wanted to help. If anyone has advice for LifeMoves on a situation like this, please write us a letter and maybe next time we will be able to provide the help that was needed.

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