Networking on the Basketball Court: Working with The Milwaukee Bucks

It Started with Some Golf Balls...

I’m a talker. You can be sure I’ll be chatting with whomever I am near at any event.

A couple of years back, I was serving on the Komen Foundation board and we were having our first auction type gala. I was put in charge of selling golf balls. Well, one man kept coming back to my booth for golf balls, he could not seem to buy enough! His pockets were filled and he was carrying more.

When it was time for me to close down my booth, the live auction had begun. The first auction item that came up was the Gallery in the Sky. The golf ball guy and I started bidding and little did he know that the Gallery in the Sky is my home! We were bidding against each other and he stopped and looked at me. He said, “These pictures are probably old and the house doesn’t really look like that.”

I shot back with, “Yes, it does, I live there!” He was rightfully confused and wanted to know why the heck I was bidding on my own home; I told him that I never entertain for myself and that this would force me to do so while also raising more money for the Komen Foundation.

We ended up exchanging cards and decided to split the cost. Time went by and I tried calling him a few times. No luck. I finally actually read the whole card and learned that he was president of the Bucks! We eventually connected and scheduled a time for his staff to come tour Gallery in the Sky. They came and explained that they had very little time because they were in the playoffs. This was the 2017 season and I did not have a clue! I rarely watch tv or keep up with sports. Well, I didn’t stop there….soon after that, I ran into one of the Bucks players in my building and asked him how the game went. He kept looking ahead and said, “We lost.” I kept my mouth shut after that!


Fast Forward to 2018

The Bucks Foundation called me and asked for the Gallery in the Sky to be an auction item for their foundation. As luck would have it, LifeMoves already had one player as a client and my assistant had met one of the wives and was invited to a game. From there we got a behind the scenes tour of the new practice facility, which is amazing! It is so cool and has everything a player could need. We explained to one of the coaches and the player development manager what LifeMoves is all about, and they loved it.

The next thing I knew, the Bucks were in the 2018 playoffs and I was very fortunate to have great friends with great seats. I went to every playoff game in Milwaukee and witnessed the Bucks win the last home game at the old arena. It was so exciting that I am getting my own seats for our new arena!

LifeMoves was privileged to put a folder in every players’ locker and give our folders to management and coaches too. To think it all started out with one chatty lady selling a lot of golf balls and bidding on her own home to raise funds for a nonprofit. Komen Foundation won, the Bucks won and LifeMoves has a fabulous opportunity!

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