We Always Practice Patience & Outstanding Customer Service


Sometimes a client can be frustrating to work with; however, it is important to never let them know that! On one particular job, I had a client that gave us very specific instruction on where items were to be placed, but she seemed to have no memory of that when she asked why we placed items the way we did. LifeMoves aims to have 100% customer satisfaction, so if a client wants us to move items 50 times, we’re happy to comply!

This client also voiced concern that the movers did not break down her boxes even though I had reviewed with her multiple times that my crew would be doing it. When this happens, it is key to review the process with client as if they had never heard it before. I always remind my crew that we don’t correct clients and we never criticize them because it’s unprofessional and you never know who will overhear you.

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