The Picture-Perfect Weekend Move


I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly professional family who allowed us to shoot the LifeMoves promo video in their home during their actual move. This family was organized and had already right-sized their home so the move would be as smooth as possible. My crew had 3 days over a weekend to complete this transition, and I’m proud to say that they did a fantastic job and made a great video in the process.

We arrived before the moving trucks to do a deep clean and by the time Mr. Mover arrived, all I had to do was stand in the doorway and point which way the boxes were going. A great part about LifeMoves is that we label all the boxes with where they will be going in the new home. This makes unloading the moving truck efficient and cuts down work time considerably.

We ran into only one roadblock with this move: the family didn’t realize that the moving company wouldn’t break down boxes and remove all the packing paper. No problem for LifeMoves though! I brought in one more crew member and everything was cleared out quickly.

Can you imagine moving over a weekend and being able to have muffins and mimosas by Sunday? LifeMoves can have you settled so quickly and easily that almost all of the stress of the transition will disappear!

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