What's the Real Cost of Your Wasted Time?


“So much wasted time.” - last words spoken by musician, David Cassidy.

Recently, I went to a job estimate with my operations manager, Kimberly. We arrived in what most people would consider to be an upscale neighborhood. The potential clients were two working parents with one child. They lived in a very nice, good-sized home.

We arrived on a Friday, and they informed us that by the upcoming Monday, their home was being put on the market. We went over the details of our services with them and told them we would have an estimate by the end of the day. I went out for coffee afterward with my assistant, Kimberly. Together, we worked out the estimate. We tried to figure out all of the ways we could lower the costs for this family.

My objective was not just to sell the home, but to get top dollar for them. That meant a huge cleaning job, along with moving a lot of items into storage, as they had maxed out their closets and cabinets a long time ago. We finally got the estimate down to 3 people working together for about 5 hours each.

We knew we could have their home looking fabulous in that amount of time. Overall the job would end up costing them just about $1,000. But the thing is, I could already tell from the look on their face that they were not ready to spend their money on LifeMoves. Which leads me to the final point of my story: wasted time.

Do you value your time?

The fact of the matter is that most people do not value their own time. We are only here for a brief amount of time and then we pass on to another realm.

What made David Cassidy say, in his last dying moments, “so much wasted time”? He was referring to those moments that we can’t get back. All of those hours we spend doing things for our families, rather than doing things with our families.

What is the true cost of that beautiful, spring Sunday that will never be available to you and your family again? I imagine the discussion that the parents had was about the cost of doing it themselves and sacrificing their time, versus the cost of spending money and giving themselves precious time with their families.

The other thing to consider is the time that they are taking by doing the move themselves also takes a LOT of effort (i.e. discussions about the division of labor, planning, etc. which can lead to anger and resentment).

What LifeMoves could have helped them with has NO price tag, and will never be made available to them again.

Please stop and think, it’s not just about selling your home, it’s about valuing your time. Adults work all week to be able to afford IPads and laptops for their kids, and then when they do have the opportunity for free time (by hiring a move management service) they choose to work again instead of taking time with their kids.

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