Senior Relocation Services

Recreate the home you know and love with help from Peggy Ann's LifeMoves.

When the time comes to transition from the home you’ve been in for decades to a new place that better fits your current needs, a lot of memories, emotions and even frustration can surface. It’s normal to have concerns about what life will be like in a new place that can seem so different from the one you’re accustomed to calling home.

Peggy Ann's LifeMoves makes every effort to recreate your old setup in a new home, making it easier to find your belongings. Whether you or your family member is moving, we help make the transition as smooth as possible.


Peggy Ann's LifeMoves works to understand what makes you feel safe and comfortable,

then re-establishes those elements in your new home.

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Some senior relocations are due to sudden loss of spouse or a setback in health. During these difficult experiences, it’s important to have help with the overwhelming task of packing your life into boxes and moving somewhere new.

Peggy Ann's LifeMoves will guide you in every tough decision, and assist with everything from hiring movers to packing your furniture and treasured possessions. When it’s time to move into your new place, Peggy Ann's LifeMoves will be there too - unpacking, placing furniture, cleaning and helping it feel like home.

Peggy Ann's LifeMoves can help you with your senior move by providing these services...

Pre-move Services:

     Helping determine your moving timetable.

     Scheduling your movers.

     Sorting and organizing closets, kitchen/bathroom cabinets, garages, basements, storage units.

     Photographing the inside of bathroom and kitchen cabinets and drawers to recreate familiar elements in your new home.

     Helping decide what furniture works best in your new space.

     Creating a floor plan for your new home including art placement.

     Taking extra special care to ensure the new floor plan reflects the previous residence.

     Arranging any storage units for furniture, artwork and household goods.

     Measuring and photographing art for move or storage.

     Packing your items for donation, family members or personal storage in well-labeled boxes.

     Working with family members in disbursing furniture, family treasures, etc.

     Arranging estate sales.

     Arranging donation pick-ups.


Post-move Services:

     Organizing furniture placement and room editing.

     Cleaning your new home both before and after we unpack your belongings.

     Setting up the kitchen, including unpacking, washing, drying and putting away all dishes, glassware and cookware.

     Arranging furniture in your new home.

     Hanging artwork.

     Placing home accessories in your new home.

     Placing clothing in closets and dressers.

     Making beds in your new home with freshly laundered sheets and steamed bedding.

     Hooking up your TV and stereo system in your new home.

     Breaking down and removing boxes, packing paper and other supplies.

Whether you’re a senior or you are helping a parent navigate their move to a new space, Peggy Ann's LifeMoves is here to help.

Call us today to learn how we provide seniors with a stress-free move.


All of Peggy Ann's LifeMoves team members are thoroughly background checked.