The Highlight of the Project Pitch It Launch Party


I was flying to Naples, Florida in October. I was seated next to a young man. Normally, I try and get some work done on a plane but this young man, Justin, wanted to talk. I tried a couple of times to bury myself in my work. He was just such a polite young man, so I gave up and started a real conversation.

Justin is a 28-year-old engineer. He already has his first patent and is involved in a buy/sell agreement with his family. Part of his patent helps pay for the company he’s purchasing. He really grabbed my interest quickly. I married an engineer and we purchased a company in a buy/sell agreement and with my husband's patents, it was easier to pay for the company. Well, let’s just say that we had a ton in common.

We stopped in Atlanta and both had to change flights. We promised to correspond, but that’s always doubtful. A week or two after the flight, he wrote me an email and wanted to meet with me in Milwaukee. I agreed and brought a friend along; someone with 20+ years of business experience. That’s when I decided to ask Justin to come to the launch party for Project Pitch It. I explained the show and what my participation in the show would be. To say he was ecstatic would not properly describe Justin’s reaction. I think he was the first to respond to the evite! Honestly, I was far more excited then he was. For me, this was just a simple act that might just help one man in his career. The night of the party, I introduced him to moguls, producers, and other entrepreneurs. He also met Dennis and Kathleen from Project Pitch It.

Dennis, Kathleen, and Justin talked and later Kathleen invited me over to speak with her. She and Dennis had asked Justin to participate in a program at Cardinal Stritch and also asked me to be involved. I know what is involved in the project and it’s an excellent opportunity for Justin and me.

It is by far the best thing that came out of the launch party!

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