The Importance of Order: It’s a Time Saver!


Have you ever tried to place a rug in a room where the furniture is already placed perfectly? If you have, you know the agony that goes along with it. Now imagine doing it throughout an entire home!

I had the pleasure of working with clients that were downsizing to a condo and LifeMoves got involved late in the game, so many tasks were not done in a logical order. As mentioned, all of the furniture was placed before rugs arrived and none of the previous home had been edited to fit into this new, smaller condo. After the LifeMoves crew had perfectly ironed the bedding and set up the bedrooms (seriously, they were photoshoot ready!), all of the rugs arrived and we were working with a moving crew that was reluctant to help move furniture in order to place them in the correct spots. After a little force, however, they were mostly compliant!

After a long day of doing and re-doing tasks, I realized I hadn’t seen one of my crew members in a while. It turns out, she was trying to assemble the master bed that was one of the fancy ones that is different on each half. Two hours of collaboration found this bed assembled and the home almost done. My crew returned the following day to figure out how to make everything fit in a much smaller kitchen, but we left with happy clients and a beautiful home! This beautiful home, however, would have taken much less time to set up if the proper order had been observed in packing and unpacking.

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