The Little Tea Cup: A Priceless Memory

The smallest things can make a difference.

Moving is stressful for everyone, but especially on the senior population. LifeMoves was hired to help a couple in their 80’s purge their home, pack up, and deliver items to their children or goodwill. Normally, the wife would make the decisions for moving in this home; however, she had been hospitalized after the move was already planned so she would not be able to give her input while packing. The husband could not believe his good luck when he found out about LifeMoves and that we would be able to help.

While sorting through the kitchen and making decisions about what would be needed in the new home, I stumbled across a beautiful tea cup. The client also saw it and told me how he always counted his blessings for having such a wonderful life partner. He told me that this tea cup held many memories and we realized we had the opportunity to make another. We decided that the client could bring his wife a cup of tea in the morning in this beautiful cup so she could have a piece of home in the hospital. The twinkle in this man’s eye showed me that true love and romance in a marriage can never die.

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