The REAL Cost of Moving: Your Paycheck, Your Time & Your Stress Level

cost of moving

There’s no doubt, relocating to a new home feels like a massive undertaking, doesn’t it?

From the first moment you consider a move until the final item is unpacked in your new home, you’ve got a lot on your plate. In many ways, moving feels like a second job (one you didn’t sign up and definitely aren’t getting paid for).

Many of us embrace the Midwest mentality of rolling up our sleeves and getting it done. Yes, you could hire movers, a realtor or an organizing service, but why pay someone if you could do it yourself?

Before you block out your weekends for the next six months, and get out the boxes and tape, take a step back. For many of us, taking on the huge task of moving ourselves is simply pennywise and pound-foolish.

At Peggy Ann's LifeMoves, we’re here to help. You see, your time, health and peace of mind is more valuable than you realize. We take the stress out of moving so you’re free to focus on the stuff that really matters. Whether you’re relocating to a new city or across town, there’s plenty to deal with. Outsourcing your move management will save you much more than you may first think.

Here are a few “extra costs” to figure in before you decide to DIY your move.


What’s Your Time Worth?

The biggest question to ask yourself when it comes to taking on the chore of moving, is “how much is my time worth?” Most working professionals can easily calculate their “hourly rate.” Divide your annual salary by 52 weeks. Divide the 52 weeks by 40 hours. This gives you an approximate value for your time.

If your hourly rate is $85/hour, for example, taking time off to move isn’t a good return. The hourly rate for moving services, including move management and oversight is lower than the rate you will earn by going into the office. A moving professional is fast and efficient. They know exactly what they’re doing and will perform the tasks in less time. Taking time, energy and focus away from your job hardly seems worth it, when you realize it’s also going to cost you more money to move on your own.

The self-employed, homemakers and retirees may not have as clear a method for calculating the worth of time, but it certainly doesn’t mean your time is any less valuable. In fact, freeing you up to focus on the thousands of tasks on your plate, rather than piling on more, helps your success. Manage your home, family, obligations, volunteerism and the other activities you do so well. Your time is valuable, don’t spend it on stress.

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How Much Would You Pay for Peace of Mind?

When it comes to peace of mind, what’s it worth to you? A move is fraught with daunting situations. From settling into a new community, navigating a new neighborhood to breaking out of your comfort zone, moves are stressful undertakings.

According to the Holmes-Rahe LifeStress Inventory, a scale used to measure the stress levels of major life events, a change in your residence is one of the top life stressors you can experience. While there are bigger stressors, many of them go hand-in-hand with a move. Changes in employment, mortgage, retirement, a son or daughter leaving the nest, adjusting to a new school and divorce are often associated with a move. These stressors and more appear on the top 40 stress inventory.

If you’re going through a major life change, ease your stress level by accepting help coordinating and overseeing your move. At Peggy Ann's LifeMoves, we’re experienced professionals. We’re able to deal with the hassles of moving and help you experience a stress-free transition. Clients claim the peace of mind is worth it’s weight in gold (but surprisingly affordable). 

Do You Know Where to Call (and Who to Trust)?

We’re connected with many of the top movers, insurance agents, and realtors in the state. If you’re considering a move and have NO idea where to begin, start with Peggy Ann's LifeMoves. We’ve vetted services you can trust. We only recommend vendors we know personally and use ourselves.

When it comes to moving valuables (emotionally or monetarily) you want someone who will use a loving, careful touch. Artwork, heirlooms, and keepsakes are often damaged when a move is rushed and uncoordinated. We ensure you’re protected with a careful hand and watchful eye.

Calling for estimates, assessments and appraisals takes time. It also requires industry knowledge and skill to navigate the system. If you’re inexperienced or uncertain of the process, a misstep can cost you greatly.

Why Risk Injury or Sacrifice Your Health?

It’s worth pointing out, NOTHING is more valuable than your health. Hernias, muscle pulls, and back injuries are the most common results of moving accidents. Injuries to fingers and toes are also quite common.

Often, even after hiring professional movers to do the heavy lifting, homeowners decide to shift a few boxes to unpack and end up in the emergency room. Stress and tension of the situation only compound the injury and slow healing time. This is especially tragic when you’re about to embark on a new job or position—the worst time to miss weeks of work.

Even if you’ve got great insurance coverage and are in excellent shape, the cost and risk associated with taking on too much of your move isn’t worth it. The long-term damages far outweigh any savings you receive by tackling packing, moving and unpacking on your own. 

How Much Will Stress Affect Your Performance at a New Job?

Sleepless nights, jam-packed weekends and late evenings spent organizing, packing and unpacking will take their toll. Making yourself available to realtors to show and view space is also a scheduling hassle. All the stress will directly impact your job performance.

Many corporations understand the effects moving on their professionals. This is why the offer executive relocation services, stipends and assistance. The costs associated with a move management, organizing or concierge service may be covered by your employer, because they know employees don’t perform their best under stress.

If you’re relocating due to a job change, it’s worth it to negotiate your moving costs right into your incentive package. Don’t forget the costs associated with moving coordination as well. Your time is valuable. You’ll perform better in your new role, when you’re stress-levels are down.


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What Are the Effects of Moving on the Rest of Your Household?

Your kids, spouse (and even your pets) are all greatly impacted by a move. If one partner has been offered a great new position, the other might not move with the same support system and excitement. In fact, they may face loneliness and a big adjustment.

Navigating in a new neighborhood takes time. Something as simple as finding a bank, favorite restaurant, or familiar foods at the grocery store are challenging in a new city. For children, adjusting to a new school, leaving behind friends and familiar caretakers is a major shakeup.

It’s important to consider the stress levels of all members of your household. Even if the move means a brand-new opportunity for you, it may still mean a major headache and stress for your spouse. There’s no reason to compound the stress by attempting to tackle the organizing, packing, moving coordination and unpacking alone.

How Can You Sell Your House Faster (and Fetch a Better Price)?

Realtors love Peggy Ann's LifeMoves because they know a clean, organized and what we refer to as “edited” home sells much faster. We make their job easy. Because we’re experienced professionals we know what to keep, what to store and what to part with, to help your home sell quickly and fetch the best price.

When a potential buyer sees a home, they need to envision their lives within the space. A house should be inviting and eye-catching, but not overwhelming. It’s a delicate balance, but when it’s done well, it results in interested buyers and faster results.

Before a home even hits the market, we love to refresh the space. We help you organize cupboards, closets and every corner of your home. We clean and create a beautiful atmosphere that will translate immediately to potential buyers. If you’re even considering a move, Peggy Ann's LifeMoves should be your first call.

Can You Afford NOT to Use a Concierge Moving Service?

The real question is, how can you afford to forgo a concierge moving service like Peggy Ann's LifeMoves? In the long run, we save you time, effort and energy. We help to prevent injuries and stress. Our services can even help your home sell faster and fetch a better price.

We work with fellow professionals and know who to call to help you get the best price on all the services you’ll need throughout your move. We take care of the details, so you can focus on what’s important. You know how to do your job, we know how to do ours. We give you a better return on your investment. 

Imagine a stress-free move! You and your spouse enjoying breakfast in your new space the morning after your move. The cupboards are unpacked. The house is clean. You awoke refreshed in a bed covered in your own familiar linens. You prepare for your first day in your new town, or at your new job, in an organized space. Your clothing is ready in your closet.

It’s our vision to provide you with a stress-free, hassle-free move. In the end, we’ll save you on the real cost of moving.


Call today to learn how Peggy Ann's LifeMoves will provide you with the best moving experience possible. We offer a free estimate.

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