Why I Recommend Using a Storage Pod for Moving

I’ll try to keep this story short. If you know me, you know I can get to talking.

I am at my eye doctor’s office getting fitted for new glasses. I’m speaking with the technician that’s fitting my glasses. She told me about living in her parent’s basement while waiting for their dream home to be finished being built.

I then got to talking to her about LifeMoves. This was still during our training period and we had yet to unpack a pod. When she mentioned a pod, I jumped all over that. I offered to unpack her pod and put her home together. I’m not sure who was more ecstatic, her or me? She accepted our help and we agreed upon two dates; one for the deep cleaning and one for the moving.

The deep cleaning went well and the next day we started unpacking the pod. This family really knew what they were doing. Everything was labeled properly, nothing was mixed in the boxes and the pod itself was organized. We had it made in the shade.

It was a Sunday and we arrived at their new home around 9:00 AM. They were planning on leaving us to do our work, so they left for most of the day. I walked the home and immediately began assigning rooms. Everything went exceptionally well, including the fact that we were asked to hang material over their daughter’s bed and create a princess canopy. Designing this room for a little girl was the highlight of our installation. It was pink, cheerful and her name was spelled out on the wall with many other adorable girly accessories placed around her room.

If you need to move yourself, I would highly recommend a pod. It gives you the ability to totally organize your packing and unpacking.

Remember: an organized pack will give you the fastest unpack. Mark your boxes on the side and only put like items in the same box. I would suggest that no box be larger than a 16 X 16. Anything larger becomes too heavy for us to carry.

Another happy couple for LifeMoves!

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