What is the Product of LifeMoves?

What is the product of LifeMoves?

LifeMoves as a product comes down to superior, caring service. LifeMoves just happens to perform that service in the form of move management.

How is move management a service? We believe it’s sincere, caring management that allows for a stress-free move. When you are recommending or using LifeMoves, you are really working with a caregiver who can help one individual or an entire family. If you are the family doctor, you have cared for a family year after year and through all kinds of life changes.

LifeMoves does the same. We will guide you through the stress of moving with the same understanding of a doctor or therapist. First, we’ll patiently go through your entire home with you at your pace; giving you honest advice that can result in saving you time and money.

Savings will come from organizing and reducing what you move. LifeMoves wants to be sure you’re not moving boxes that are still unopened from your last move. Boxes from closets and cabinets are labeled and organized for movers so they know exactly what is in them and where they belong.

Keep the memories and leave the stuff behind. A good conversation with grown children needs to also happen. You will find that the things you have cared about all of these years, like your mother’s china, may not be important to your children.

It's time to lighten your load and experience the freedom that comes with that.

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