What's in A Name? Why I'm "Peggy Ann"

The most frequently asked question is what’s your last name? I tell people Ann and then they ask me, “how do you spell that?” After 10 years of these kinds of questions, I realize that is their way of asking me again what my last name is!

Here’s the story of my last name.

It began with my mother-in-law. A long time ago, I made a promise to her that there would only be one “Mrs. Wright” as long as she was alive. I kept that promise and was Peggy Wright. When I got divorced, I had to become Peggy something?

My real father abandoned my mother, my sister, and me at the age of two. I feel strongly that it’s an honor to have a person’s name. Since I hadn’t seen my father in well over 50 years, it didn’t seem right to go back to my maiden name.

So who best to honor? My grandmother was my first thought. One day, I was having lunch with my daughter Jenni and my granddaughter Maddy while discussing how I didn’t know what my name should be. Suddenly, Maddy looked up and said, “Nana, why don’t you just be yourself?” I thought for a minute what that meant and then said, “Maddy, you are right. I’ll just be me.” I legally dropped Wright and my middle name is Ann. I officially changed my last name to Ann and I have no plans to ever be anyone but myself.

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