Realtors: 10 Ways a Move Management Company Can Keep Your Clients Happy


Realtors, wouldn’t you love a way to add value for your clients without making your life harder?

It seems the job of a realtor is never finished. From coordinating buyers and sellers, working with mortgage companies, appraisers, inspectors, cleaners, stagers and at times even movers, your job is full and you’re juggling a lot. But at the end of the day, what it comes down to is keeping your clients happy.

Happy, satisfied customers buy and sell houses.

You already know, moving is one of the most stressful endeavors anyone can face. You’ve seen your clients dealingwith the stress, upheaval and changes in their lives. It’s emotional especially when you care about your clients. When you’re handling a situation as personal as a home and a major purchase, you end up absorbing the emotion.

What if there was something you could do to take the stress out of the moving process without piling more on your plate?

Well, there is! Imagine your clients experiencing a stress-free move. You’ve helped them buy and sell their dream home, now imagine them moving in without ever lifting a finger. Imagine someone ELSE helping them with all the pieces and coordinating with vendors. Imagine them with a trusted friend—one with the expertise to guide them through the moving process.

If happy, stress-free clients are what you need, then you need LifeMoves!

Why Peggy Ann's LifeMoves?

In your job, you’re a major support to your clients—logistically, emotionally and more. First time sellers and buyers aren’t familiar with the ropes of the real estate process. Busy executives, young moms, seniors and well, just about everyone who moves, has a lot to learn in a very short time. As a trusted agent, your job is assisting them through the process.

Your reputation is on the line. Satisfied customers will spread the word about your great service. Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, won’t lead to repeat business. In fact, it could even harm your standing in a competitive market.

During the complex steps of buying and selling, chances are, tasks fall into your purview that aren’t really in your job description. To ease the stress on clients, you might end up making phone calls, referring them to movers, insurance agents and mortgage companies. You might end up going above and beyond. Working with a concierge move management service, like Peggy Ann's LifeMoves, removes all those extra jobs from your to-do list.

How We Keep Your Clients Happy

1. We Know How to Plan

We walk clients through the entire process. Ideally, we begin before they call anyone else, even you, their agent. We start with helping them create a plan. Then we work to clean, pare down and edit their belongings. We organize their home from top to bottom. We create a clean, beautiful and inviting space and an easy action plan for all of their pre-move and post-move needs.

2. We Know What Sells

Clutter and chaos doesn’t sell. We work with clients who may need to edit their storage spaces and sort through boxes, cabinets and closets they need to declutter. We help organize their belongings to showcase the spaciousness of their home, so potential buyers will envision themselves living there easily.

3. We Help Clients Prepare their Home

If professional staging services are needed, we will walk your client through the process and assist. We prepare the house so when the time comes to get it on the market, your job is easier. We help clients get ready before or after they’ve made the important call to you, their realtor.

4. We Can Jump in at Any Stage of the Moving Process

Now, sometimes clients don’t know about our services until they’ve begun the moving process. Maybe you’re working with a client to clean out their home and set it up to present to potential buyers. We’re happy to step in at that stage, or any other time during the moving process as well.

5. We Use Our Experience to Ease your Workload

When you refer a client to Peggy Ann's LifeMoves, rest assured we’ve been through the moving process many times. We’re happy to help ease your workload and help your client throughout their move. Your client will be happy, and you get the credit. We make YOU look good.

6. We Know What to Do When a Home is Sold

When the home is sold and it’s time to move, there are many pieces to coordinate. From dealing with insurance companies, to movers and more. Your clients will now be faced with the task of contracting movers and getting their home and possessions ready for the actual move. We’ve been through this process many times. We know what to do in order to pull off a stress-free move.

7. We Can Ease the Stress of a Quick Closing

Buyers and sellers may want to close on a home as quickly as possible. While this is great for business, a fast timeframe calls for organization and quick planning. We know how to think on our feet. Clients may need to set up a storage space to hold their belongings, especially if the closing is happening fast. We walk your client through all the pieces and help coordinate the many parts of the move efficiently.

LM Peggy Cleaning

8. We Help Your Client Feel at Home

When a client is moving into their new space, we clean and unpack the boxes for them. We can organize their belongings in a way that feels like “home.” If they prefer, we can set up their home exactly to their specifications. No detail is too small. We help them settle in without the stress that typically comes during a major transition. They relax while we handle the details!

9. We Understand the Scope of Your Job

Real estate agents work HARD. Your job is tough and sometimes thankless. Agents often put their heart and soul into the buying and selling process. The real estate market is all about personal connections and client satisfaction. When it’s your name and even your face on the sign, your reputation is at stake. LifeMoves will make your job easier.

10. We Know Happy Clients Bring Repeat Business

When your clients are satisfied, they show it with referrals, calls and repeat business. Word-of-mouth is big in the real estate biz. Happy clients bring in new business. They tell their friends. They will talk about their experience. We’ll help you ensure their experience is positive and worth sharing!

Referring a client to Peggy Ann's LifeMoves is simple. We’ll provide you with brochures, business cards and any information you need to connect us with your clients. When a client is satisfied, rest assured, we give the credit to their great real estate team! Let us partner with you to ease the stress of moving!


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