Why We Love Working with Mr. Mover

Why LifeMoves loves working with Mr. Mover

We were having a busy morning on the first day of the largest move of 2017. Mr. Mover and LifeMoves work as a team, and what affects them, affects LifeMoves. We help each other as much as possible. I noticed their crew supervisor not looking too good. I called him over and asked if anything was wrong? He asked me to step outside on the patio. We do so and are now out of hearing distance from both of our crews.

With tears in his eyes, he told me the news he just received. The wife of one of his crew members was in the hospital and only had a matter of time to live. My first response was, “what can LifeMoves do?”

He then asked if he could unhook the cab from the moving truck and drive his crew member to the hospital. He knew this would slow things down on a large and complicated job. My immediate answer was, “of course, go now.” LifeMoves is a part of life, and sadly, tragedies happen in life. Helping people is always an opportunity.

On another LifeMoves move in, Mr. Mover came to our rescue. We were not told that the painting had not been finished and we were scheduled to move a family into their new home. When Mr. Mover started coming in with boxes, the homeowners had painters all over; our crew working around the painters, and now boxes too. What
a mess!

Mr. Mover kindly offered to move all of the painted, but not hung, doors out of our way and stage them in the spare room. The laundry room had still not been painted. The crew supervisor asked the painters to quickly paint the laundry room; the washer and dryer were on their way. So, Mr. Mover went about moving a house full of painted doors. The painters got to the laundry room and finished just in time for the delivery.

Mr. Mover did not stop there. This was an electric set of appliances and they plugged them in, adjusted the vent hose, and pushed them into place.

There are many good moving companies out there, but this company has the same philosophy as LifeMoves. Every move changes a family. We were lucky to work with them.

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